Friday, 11 June 2010

Better Than the Mad Hatters Tea Party

So this is my first post, which I should have definitely posted days ago, but here it is!

On Saturday June 5th, me and tommy had a shared birthday party. I don't usually bother with birthdays, but as it was going to be my last birthday in Leeds, and that tommy's birthday is just four days before mine, we went all out!

There was just one rule for our bring a teacup!

We began the celebrations in the garden, in which we had hung metres of colourful outdoor bunting and a big, pink pinata filled with sweets. We ate bbq in the sunshine and sipped on pimms, but what everyone was truly looking forward to was the secret room....

...downstairs, in the basement, a room had been cordoned off. Inside of this room stood two tables boasting an abundance of cake stands decorated with colourful cakes, and teapots of all different shapes and sizes, and each filled with an individual cocktail of beverages, labelled by their name and "drink me". Patterened bunting hung from the ceiling, alongside pastel-coloured paperchains. It was magical! and possibly the best birthday party ever!