Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Paper & Polythene Bag Merchant, Shoreditch

I was in London last week, walking through Shoreditch with Tommy, when from across the street, a huge black and white poster simply reading "PAPER & POLYTHENE BAG MERCHANT" caught our eye. We had been on the hunt for plain cotton totes bags, and seemed that we may have stumbled across an appropriate little shop.

...and WHAT a shop it was! Crammed to the ceilings with boxes, with only a squeeze for space for customers, it was an absolute haven for bags - stripy paper bags, leopard print polythene bags, and an abundance of coloured and plain tote bags! We couldn't believe our luck. Such a small, traditional shop right in the heart of London Town. Who would have thought it? The owner, Paul Gardner, explained how the shop had been running since 1870, but with the rising costs of rent, this traditional shop may end up going online. I really hope not! These kinds of shops are few and far between these days, so next time you need a bunch of paper bags or a load of tote bags, do your bit and give Paul a visit! He's cheap as chips!