Monday, 11 July 2011

Visual Merchandising - Denim Display

I finished this over a week ago, so I thought it was about time I uploaded some piccies as promised. Here it first major project I guess- the male denim shop. and just in time for our new Levi's range.

Here is the overall look from the front:

and from the back:

The back wall (formally white) boasts two collections, Jack and Jones and Levi's. The contrasting white vinyl logos draw great attention to this!

The black wall creates an up-market finish, and the splash of colour from the specifically-chosen bright tops, gives the area an additional lift.

I love these white shelves, despite the copious sexist comments I got when building them ha ha. They have given the area a three-dimensional element which it was previously lacking - creating a miniature shop-like feel. More room to explore!

Here's a close-up shot of some of my vinyling. I applied the logo in various sizes, spilling down the sides, to make it more visually exciting.

So there it is. I'm really proud of this project. :)