Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Window Dressing


This week, I ended up changing this mannequin four times, as people kept coming in and buying her clothes!! ...I guess that's the whole point though. With the horrendously cold weather we're having, I thought classic winterwear would be best sellers....

At the other shop, I was given a brief of "red and green". Despite the humongous store room, epic outfits in red and green were few and far between. For the interior mannequins, I went for these smart feminine suits. They have a very 1940s, utility war time look about them.

For the window, as always, I opted for a youthful outfit. I found this gorgeous pleated, green dress, which I placed alongside this super cute little baby girl's dress. There is so much childrens stock in at the moment, and it's about time it was advertised.