Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lanna's Who Knit

This year I want to expand my craft expertise, and there's a few areas I'm slacking in - the first being knitting. I've tried my hand at it in the past, starting with ten stitches, and ending with 17! Not bad if I was trying to make bunting, but not so accurate as squares!!

So last Wednesday, I went to knitting club to get taught by a pro knitter. I felt like one of those knitting nanas off of the Shreddies adverts, and quite aptly, I knitted some squares too...not quite Shreddies colour though! Hat's off to my teacher, I even managed to create SQUARES!! :D wayyheyy!!

Now I've learnt the art of the "knit" stitch, it's on to the purl.

To be continued....