Monday, 7 February 2011

Visual Merchandising...Shop Window

You may have noticed earlier that I have been making lots of new lovelies, or perhaps you haven't - I've been a bit lame at blogging. But it's all been in the name of my new shop window display. I'm now working at the most amazing independently owned craft store. It sells a whole manner of things; yarns, fabrics, zips, buttons...everything that makes me excited! :D

The theme is all about the make do and mend culture, to inspire people make and do! Note my crochet love heart bunting and pom pom bunting at the top :))

Attention to detail (display psychology):
As it's coming up to Valentine's Day, I've made a point of advertising all of the love heart shaped buttons we sell on the poster in the window. On the same theme, I created a Valentine's Day card made up of a buttons in the form of a love heart to inspire and encourage people to come in and buy our buttons!

Sewing Box: I carefully hand-picked each item featured in the sewing box. Bold colourful, eye catching items!

Cushion, before and after: This was another great way to advertise the variety of buttons we sell, as well as giving people great ideas of how they can breathe new life into old interiors.

Tote Bag: The tote was made by my boss, and I appliquéd it. I kept to the love heart theme, due to Valentine's Day, plus it's timeless in the world of crafting. I conveniently positioned it in the window next to an appliqué book to help boost books sales.

Yarns: I positioned the yarns in a neat triangle with an example of how it looks knitted up. This way, you can see the range of colours, as well as how pretty they look all made up!

Finally, my needle cases and owl doorstops. I made these up to demonstrate what you can make with a simple square of felt, a couple of buttons and some fat quarters. The owls are from a pattern I found by Lollychops.

Such a different experience of window dressing from my Charity shop much more hands on and creative. I love it! Can't wait to do the next one. I'm already bursting with ideas!!