Monday, 28 February 2011

Shop Window

It's been a few weeks since I've dressed one of my charity shop window, but today I took on the challenge again.



It was an absolute struggle to find any decent homewares today, so I went with an Alice in Wonderland theme. It all came together quite nicely. Beginning with the vintage print greetings card (now available in all Barnardos stores), which I totally fell in love with, I wanted to go with a "vintage" theme. I thought a tea cup would work perfectly with the set up, typically if I used a scarf to act as a table cloth too. Bearing in mind that the "vintage" theme wouldn't quite go with the modern outfits, I thought I would go down the whole Alice in Wonderland theme (spesh as it's coming up to Easter). I then stumbled across the pack of cards and bunny, and in the back stock, I conveniently managed to find an Lewis Caroll book. Couldn't have panned out better if I actually planned it beforehand!