Thursday, 10 March 2011

Peg Dolly Dress Ideas


• One Peg Dolly Kit from click here to take a peek!
• PVA glue
• Thread
• Sewing needle
• Scissors
• Sewing machine (optional)
• Dress makers pins
• Colouring pens

Once you've got the goods, follow these simple pictorial instructions. Remember, if you are a child, please get the help from an adult :)

Pick a couple of your favourite fabrics from the pack, as well as a wooly wig and some lovely ribbon:

Cut a circle from one of the fabrics, and a smaller circle in the centre big enough to fit around the Peg Dolly's waist. This will become the Dolly's skirt. Then, cut off five flower buds from the ribbon:

Using thread and a needle, hand stitch the flower buds onto the circle (you can glue these on if you prefer, but remember to wait until the glue is dry before you go on to the next stage with the skirt):

In order for the skirt to fit snuggly around the Dolly's waist, it is vital to tack around the inner circle:

Next, we begin to make the Dolly's top using the second piece of chosen fabric. Cut out a square roughly 7x7cm. This should be wide enough to go around the Dolly:

Once you've cut the square, fold it in half:

Then you can decorate it with another piece of pretty ribbon. I have chosen this ribbon to edge the top of the top!

Using a sewing machine, stitch the ribbon along the fold. (You can hand stitch or glue this on if you prefer):

Now we have the beginnings of a top and a skirt:

...but this Dolly wants dressing! So, fold the "top" around the Dolly, with the decorative bits facing down. Pin the edges together with enough room to remove the Dolly with ease:

Using the sewing machine, or with a simple hand-stitch, sew the two edges together to create a tube:

Now we have a completed top, and an almost complete skirt:

Slip the top on the Dolly. Below you can see how it should look from the back and the front:

Then slip the Dolly's skirt over her top, and pull the tacking tight so it fits her waist perfectly. Hand stitch the skirt to the top to create a all-in-one dress:

Using the third piece of ribbon in the kit, tie around the waist and fix into a bow:

Using your colouring pens, draw on a pretty face, then using PVA glue, stick down her wooly wig:

Introducing your beautiful new friend, Peg Dolly:

There are lots of things you can make your dolls with in the various kits, here are some more I have made:

Enjoy!! ♥