Sunday, 24 October 2010

Epic Berlin

Berlin is the most epic city I've ever visited! If I could speak fluent German, I would seriously consider living there!

We went on a walking tour, and it was like living a history text book. Every corner we turned, a new story unfolded about the terrors and happenings that had taken place over time. So fascinating.

The Holocaust Memorial

Such an epic and overwhelming sculpture, atmosphere intensified by the dull and grey rain clouds above.

The rain falls down the blocks like teardrops...

...unbelievably, the material used to coat and protect these blocks was the same company that produced zyklon b. horrifyingly ironic.

Bebelplatz - Nazi Book Burning Memorial

Besides the epic history that Berlin has to offer, there is an abundance of quirky vintage shops, right up my street...

Blu murals...