Friday, 29 October 2010

Window Dressing

It seems I haven't logged my window dressing progress lately, so here's a few weeks worth in one go!

It's getting cold now, but nobody seems to be donating any decent winterwear! Rumaging through the racks and bins in the stock room, I came across this amazing unworn Hooch scarf, so it had to go in the window! I expect it will go pretty quick! Teamed with the demin dress and long boots, it's a youthful look - something that many of the competing charity shops lack.

Also unworn, is the gingham dress. I love this dress. 1950s style - it may be a little summerwear, but teamed with a cardi it makes a glamous day outfit, but can still be dressed up for that Christmas party.

Across at the second charity stop, there is always a struggle to find one decent outfit, let alone two! But I love the challenge. I tried to aim these outfits to a maturer audience, without looking fuddy. The mannequin to the left wears skinny fit jeans tucked into knee-length boots, with a khaki jacket sinched in at the waist with a brown waist belt. The orange scarf draws in the autumnal colours. The mannequin to the right wears a stretch-fit orange skirt with a brown scoop-neck jumper, with black diamond tights tucked into cosy sheeps fur boots, and a large brown coat - perfect for autumn weather!

There were so many elegant party dresses in stock today, so it seemed right to dress the window with pretty dresses. Afterall, it's this time of year that people go out to buy they Christmas party dresses.

With chunky knit jumpers all the range at the minute, I made it my priority to sift through every rack to find the best jumpers in store. Teamed with cute mini skirts, this is what I found...

Today was really miserable, so I wanted to create a bright and cheery window. For all the fashionistas, note the carpet bag.

Today I was given a theme - purple and green. I found, what I think, are the best green and purple items in store. It seemed that I liked using bows today also!

Over at the second store, before I could photograph my window display, someone purchased the orginal jumper on the left mannequin, so I had to improvise with this pink number. Not quite as trendy, but that must mean I did a good job surely?! Not one of my proudest displays, but working with the limited selection, I created what is supposed to appeal to a wide audience, with the left manneqiun aimed at teens and the right at a maturer female.