Monday, 20 September 2010

i heart budapest

WOW! Budapest is totally not like how I imaged! For some reason, I thought that Budapest was going to be a very poor and deprived city, but it's much the opposite. On Saturday afternoon, the main streets were buzzing with market stores, street performances and tons of art!!

Along a small street just by our hostel, Raday Utca, we found a pop up gallery, exhibiting illustrations. It happened to finish the day before, but when we asked about it in the book shop next door, a very kind Hungarian man opened it up especially for our viewing pleasure. These are some links to some of favourite artists from the show...
Elizabeth Kauffman Wesley Berg Natalia Blanco A random lama hanging out in the main street. Lots of children stroking me.

Budapest also had tons of antique shops filled with lots and lots of trinkets that are a joy on the eye!

...and loads of Russian dolls? hundreds of carpet bags. well as some epic architecture.
ahhhhh i love budapest!