Thursday, 2 September 2010

Window Dressing

I started a bit of voluntary window dressing at two local charity shops last week. It's such a fun job! It’s like getting to peek through a GIGANTIC wardrobe and THEN getting to play dress up!

Week One
On my first week, the weather was miserable, so I decided to take out the strappy dresses from the window and replace with two coats. I placed waist belts around the coats to coincide with this season’s trend, and one was snapped up before I’d even gone in to do the finishing touches! …or get a photo (annoyingly!).

The selection of clothing is some what limited in the smaller charity shop, but I find that it just creates a greater challenge. Have a gander…

This coat was awesome! It's reversable. Apparently about eight people came in and tried it on, but it was sold the day after I put it out!

Beforehand, this display was cluttered with shoes and tee shirts. I tried to make it more simplified and stylish by creating a triangle of bags.
Week Two
Today was my second week. I had been toying with the idea of making a weather-related installation or scene to go in the window as the previous week had been so miserable. However, this week we've seen glorious sunshine! This meant only one thing...out with the summer dresses!
Stock was low in the store today, but I manged to piece together two lovely blue numbers, with accessories to suit...

This dress had been snapped up just an hour later!

On it's own, I thought this belt was hideous, but it works so well with the dress.

This week I've mixed things up a bit and whacked some shoes into the mix...POW!